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Shooting Scars - Karina Halle 4.5 stars

“If I were you two, I’d get the fuck in this car, or this would have been a big waste of my time.”

“Before I kill your Clark Kent over there, my plan is to get us the fuck out of here.”

It was with those words that Javier won me back ten times over!
I’m one hundred percent #teamJavier again, even though I feel a bit sorry for him that everything keeps blowing up in his face. He has a right be fearful at this point.

“I can see why Ellie chose me. My balls are bigger.”
Camden has definitely grown some balls in Shooting Scars and I am finally starting to like him a bit. I didn’t care for him in S&N which was the main reason that book wasn’t a five star read for me. I couldn’t grasp who or what he was. One minute he was a sexy, tattooed, tight-jeans-wearing, guitar-playing hottie, the next minute he was a lunatic waving around a gun and giving ultimatums, and the next minute he was sissy wailing “I’m sorry, Sir” as his father slapped the ever loving shit out of him. So I didn’t really care for the majority of S&N until Javier came into the picture, where I fell in love with him just by Camden’s description of him—hence my being team Javier

In SS, though, Camden hasn’t just grown balls, but has sprouted tiny red horns. He's smart, he’s observant, he's swift, he’s angry and even though he is fearful in the mind, his actions surpass courageous. Also, he was bit more constant, personality wise, and, for a first, I was somewhat attracted him.

“Blue, beautifully blue and soulful eyes behind Clark Kent glasses. Strong wide jaw, full lips, straight nose. Model looks on a model body, dense muscular shoulders, biceps I couldn’t fit my hands around. Tight black t-shirt that showed it all off, including a sling that went around one shoulder, propping up his heavily-inked arm. Camden McQueen.”

Shooting Scars was amazing, all in all: action-packed, riveting, all-consuming and I absolutely loved it. I impatiently await Bold Tricks, though I am kindly asking the author, please do not do any of following (smiles):

a) Dilute Javier’s person, his formidability, just to make Camden look like a complete badass. (In SS, I think Javier loses his temper far too easily for someone who’s supposedly smooth and calculated. He wasn’t like this at all in OES, and in this book he's older, so he's supposed to be more acute, honed, experienced, aware… He suspected Raul was pulling away, switching sides—better yet, Raul wasn’t even hiding it. WHY didn’t Javier just kill him before things got out of hand?? Javier claimed he doesn't trust anyone and that’s what kept him alive all this time, YET he stood with his back turned to these said men he didn’t trust? Especially Raul? Really? If you don’t trust someone, you should never leave your head open to them, they should ALWAYS be in front of you, never behind. Simple logics. It was little stuff like these that pussied-up Javier for me, making him seem not so smart.)

b) Kill Javier

c) Rush the action scenes so much that they come off as unbelievable, unrealistic. (I’m still trying to figure out how the fuck Camden got inside Travis’s house with bleach bomb and how the hell Ellie got away in the jungle with Camden by her side in a nanosecond—wha?—what with all the securities and all.)

I know Bold Tricks will do an number on me anyway, so, October, please hurry!!
Oh, I think the woman who did Gus’s head in is Ellie’s mother! But we’ll see…

Still Team Javier

A must read on Goodreads.

One Love