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I'm one of those pathetic people who writes pathetic stories. Such people have a name, I think.


Who cares, right?


I love to read. A lot. More than I love to do that pathetic-story-writing stuff. And then I love to chat about what I read, whether I loved it or hated it. I'm all about the chat, baby.


Because, well, reading's no fun if ya' have no one to chat with about what you read. Whether to rant or to rave, I read to chat.


If it doesn't have romance in it, I don't wanna hear about it. Boo!



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Hopeless - Colleen Hoover
I can't imagine how anyone could give this book less than five stars. It's...beautiful. Amazing. Brilliance. Raw.
And I love it. I love it. I love it.

I waited a long while to read Hopeless because I was dubious. Overhyped books always tend to disappoint; coupled with the fact that I'm not entirely a fan of YA/NA: the overuse of exclamation signs, screeching virgins, and kids who do nothing but party and say "OMG!" all the time annoys me. So I'm always a bit hesitant when it comes to YA/NA. Rarely, some turn out to be exceptional.

Hopeless was one of those unexpectedly exceptional reads.

Loving the heroine more than anyone in a novel is seldom for me. And Sky? WOW. I just love her. She’s amazing, adorable, strong, funny, courageous, strong, strong…did I say strong?
That’s my weakness right there: strong, sensible, rational-thinking heroines. The type you almost never get in romances these days.

Holder is amazing. Simply amazing.

BUT, he’s also 2G2BT.

Holder is fictitious in every sense of the word. Disagree as much as y’all want, but there is NO eighteen year old boy out there like Holder.



Not in this life.

At 18yrs old, Dean Holder is super-patient, super-calm, logical, carefully thinks before he speaks or acts, says the right—and the most sweetest—things at the right time, has all the answers, kisses Sky on the forehead at least fifty times per day….

Yeah, like I said, 2G2BT.

But I accepted this story for what it was, and accepted the characters for who they were. Sky and Holder didn’t in least acted like young adults. They were both really mature for their age. I never once felt like I was reading a YA.

I don’t think I can express how much I love this book. How much it moved me. How many times my eyes watered. How much my heart swelled when Holder and Sky were together. How AWESOME this read was.

I loved every word. Every sentence. Every paragraph. Every chapter. I loved it all.
Still can’t believe I waited so long to read this.

FIVE beautiful, deserving, non-hesitant stars.

An amazing read on Goodreads.

One Love :)