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I'm one of those pathetic people who writes pathetic stories. Such people have a name, I think.


Who cares, right?


I love to read. A lot. More than I love to do that pathetic-story-writing stuff. And then I love to chat about what I read, whether I loved it or hated it. I'm all about the chat, baby.


Because, well, reading's no fun if ya' have no one to chat with about what you read. Whether to rant or to rave, I read to chat.


If it doesn't have romance in it, I don't wanna hear about it. Boo!



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One Night in London (The Truth About the Duke #1)
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Tangled - Emma Chase 3.5 stars

This book was so freakin’ good…up until about 70%. After that, it got cornier than an ex-boyfriend standing outside your apartment window with a boom box over his head blaring Player’s ‘Baby Come Back’.

A good read on Goodreads.

One Love :)