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Reaper's Property (Reapers MC, #1) - Joanna Wylde Was bored up until about 75% of this book. Horse just doesn’t do it for me. I hated him and then I kind of liked him and then I hated him again…

Don’t know. This is a popular book, so maybe it’s just me. Maybe I just don’t dig the whole unsanitary biker guys’ thing. I might be nitpicking here, but people rarely take showers in this book. They just jump into bed and sleep even after some really dirty events; then there’s no mention of shower in the morning to wash away all that overnight grime. Just brushing teeth and putting on clothes over dirty bodies. Don’t know why, but I kept picturing everyone being dirty, kept seeing STD’s and skin rashes, and sometimes feeling like I needed to take a shower myself. Horse was described as smelling like ‘motor oil and sweat’. Nah, I don’t dig that. Again, that’s just me. Hey, some women dig those big, sweaty, arm-pit-smelly kind ‘o guys. So never mind my distastes.

And oh how I HATE reading about men’s ‘calloused hands’ during sex scenes. Nope. Not sexy. It’s smart to be realistic in stories, but sometimes it’s okay to take advantage of the fact that it’s Fiction and omit some of those ‘un-sexy’ things.

Jeff? Biggest idiot on the planet. Got what he deserved. Dude’s an imbecile. How could he not see that coming?

Marie? Follows suit.

Horse? Too much for me. Felt no connection. He kept carrying around this grudge over Marie’s rejection, which is more a gesture of a woman than of a man. That turned me off from him. I mean, get the hell over it already and stop bitchin' bro. The man’s cock gets hard for everything. I’m pretty sure if Marie had a bullet lodged in the center of her forehead his cock would get hard for that, too.

"Marie looked around the room frantically, disbelief and shock written all over her face. Horse felt his cock harden and decided he was one sick fuck. The woman was terrified and she didn’t want him, yet she still turned him on."

The villain? Well, I’m always a sucker for those bad guys. Teeeeeeeheeeee :D

All in all, it was an okay read for me. Just didn’t start enjoying it until the last couple of pages when shit got real. This one is loved by many, so never mind this review. I might’ve been in a shitty mood when I read it. That happens sometimes.

Fave quotes?
“I don’t know what the store policy was on couples in the rooms alone, but apparently it didn’t apply to giant bikers."

"He had to tackle your girl to get the gun away from her. She’d gone all Pulp Fiction on us, ready to defend you by killing all of us if she had to. Crouched over your body like Wonder Woman. Gives me a boner just thinking about it.”

""I swear if you say one more word I’m shooting you,” I growled, thoroughly disgusted. Of course he’d buy me an engagement gun.
Stupid biker."

An okay read on Goodreads.

One Love :)