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Consequences - Aleatha Romig 3.5 stars


Have you ever seen that HTC One BlinkFeed commercial where it is indicated that scrolling through a phone (that’s not HTC One) is like digging dirt “gopher style”?

(View it here: http://youtu.be/DJnN0Upy_jE)

If you have, then you’d know exactly how I felt reading this.

CONSEQUENCES is a good story. REALLY good. Like, ‘what the lickity shit slap f@ck is going on?!’ good.
However, I had to dig my way “gopher style” to get to the good bits of this story.
It was soooooo long and it just kept going on and on and on and onnnnn with the descriptions.

I was tired of Tony ordering wine then tasting and approving it.
I was tired of Claire going out to the woods to walk (Honestly, when I first started the book I thought she was going to find some secret path to get AWAY from Tony.)
I was tired of hearing the lake water beat “swoosh, swoosh, swoosh”.
I was tired of getting a first-class-tour-guide-description of every country/state they visited.
I was tired of everything being described and detailed to death.
I was just...tired. So. Very. Tired.

For the plot itself. I loved it.

I know it’s insalubrious, but there’s something about me and sick bastards that just clicks. (I mean, I'm #teamJavier, for shit’s sake. #TAT) So, the twisted, psychotic, screw-ya-in-the-ass-ness of this book was right up my alley!

When I finally got to where shit got real (at about 85%) I could not put the book down! Tony is one messed up mofo, yet I still liked him. The last fifteen percent kind of made not ditching the book worth it.

I really, really, really, want to read TRUTH. But I honestly don’t think I can put myself through this again. I’m too exhausted from all this “gopher-style” digging.

Also, a few reviewers of TRUTH stated that Claire doesn’t actually seek revenge as she said she would at the ending of CONSEQUENCES. So, unless someone tells me that Claire gets out of jail, locks herself in an apartment with a shit load of every kind of armament ever created, with the walls covered in maps showing the layout of every company building, apartment building, house, island or whatever Tony owns, as she plots day and night wearing cargo pants and tank top with a bandanna tied around her head, drinking cup after cup of coffee until she comes up with a solid plan to TAKE TONY DOWN...then I might not bother reading the next book.

I want to see revenge for all that Tony has done to her and the people in her life. I want to see TPE. I want to see a freakin' battle, mind tricks being played, Tony getting what he deserves and then, of course, their HEA. *grin*

Consequences is really, really brilliant, I just wish it hadn't been such a debilitating read.

An exhausting read on Goodreads.

One Love :)