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Walking Disaster - Jamie McGuire So, um, *scratches head*…Yeah, I basically waited an eternity for a revised version of Beautiful Disaster…


Long-winded sigh of disappointment.

Let me just say, I’m a HUGE fan of Beautiful Disaster. Travis Maddox is actually the playa who took me out of my CG funk. (You know, that dude with the gray eyes and gray tie, drives an Audi R8 and lives at Escala. I’m not afraid to say he was once my book boyfriend, too.)

Now, because I lurrrved Travis Maddox soooo much, I was EXCITED about the story being written from his POV, you know. And I was impatient, like every other TM fan for it to be released, you know. I even pre-ordered it and shit, you know.

But when I began reading, that wide grin slowly slipped off my face, then I frowned, then scowled, then I got angry, then I wanted to cry…
Yes, the story is being told from Travis’s POV, but being in his head didn’t reveal anything that couldn’t have been imagined by readers from Abby’s POV. Most of the scenes were just replayed with absolutely NO thoughts from Travis about the situation, just word for word dialog. What the hell’s the point then?! Grrrrr.

For example, I wanted to know what had made Travis determined to work for Benny when he came back from Vegas. The resolution that he’d had about it which made Abby leave him. Where are all the thoughts that should’ve been in between Vegas and Abby’s leaving?

I was expecting to see things like:
Shit, six freakin’ figures? Why the hell would I be stupid enough to turn that shit down. Abby can’t see how fucktastic this would be for us, but she would see soon. And she’d come around to it. I could get her a new car. We could even get a nice house with a huge backyard where Todo would be free to run around and shit and piss and dig holes and bury bones…Damn, six goddamn figures per fight! We’d be set for a while after just a couple of fights. We’d be alright. Abby would be alright. Life would be alright…No shit, I’m doing this. I’m going to take Benny’s offer…

Or some dumb crap like that, you know. That's what caused their biggest break-up, so that's the part I was mostly looking forward to Travis’s thoughts on.

I love Travis so much and I just wasn’t getting much of anything from him and it pissed me the hell off.

I was excited…


Really excited, you know.

*Wipes away tears*

Wait, there was an epilogue, wasn't there? Yeah, that kind of cheered me up a bit. I almost got teary-eyed and THAT’s exactly what I was looking for, MORE of Travis, not the same freaking thing being replayed word for word with no thoughts from him.

Swear to the gods of sexy book boyfriends, I’m pissier than a ram goat right now.

A disappointing read on Goodreads.

One Love :(